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About Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication (BIGC) is a general university under joint jurisdiction of General Administration of Press and Publishing(GAPP) and Beijing Municipality, with the latter as its main supervisor. It used to be the Department of Printing in Culture Institute which belongs to the Ministry of Culture in 1958 and then was merged into the Central Academy of Art and Design in 1961. By the year of 1978, BIGC was founded on the base of Central Academy of Art and Design by the permission of the State Council.

Carrying out its strategy, “A firm footing in Beijing, serving the whole nation”, BIGC undertakes the mission of producing applied and high-level professionals for the national industries of printing, packaging, publishing, media and communication industries. BIGC is among the first batch of higher learning institutions which were granted the right to confer bachelor’s degrees in China. The institute also has some important status in academic areas, such as: chief member of the national associate degree of Printing and Packaging Intercollegiate Steering Committee, chief member of Publishing Degree Subject Construction of the National Higher Education by GAPP, senior publishing and printing professional training base of GAPP and Beijing Municipality, publishing industry and culture research base of the Beijing Municipality, Animation Creation and Art Expert training center of the National New Media Industry Base.

BIGC has formed three-level education systems of postgraduate, bachelor degree and associate degree. Now it has the right to confer masters degrees in the following 6 postgraduate programs: Communication, Material Physics and Chemistry, Art and Design, Mechatronic Engineering, Signal and Information Processing and business administration; 20 graduate programs: Printing Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Multimolecular Materials and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Automation, Industrial Design, Communication, Editing and Publishing, Advertising, English, Information Management and System, Marketing, Financing Management, Cultural Industry Management, Digital Media Technology, Art Design, Painting and Animation; 8 associate degrees: Page Editing and proofreading, Marketing, Printing Information Processing, Packaging Technology and Design, Printing Technology, Printing Equipment and Technology, E-Business and Multi-Media Design and Production. At present, BIGC has more than 6700 full-time students and about 2500 continued education students.

BIGC has 3 major construction subjects of the Beijing Government level, 3 subjects of the institute level, 1 construction area of the second characteristic majors of the Ministry of Education, 2 construction areas of the characteristic majors of the Beijing Government and 1 demonstration center of experimental teaching of Beijing Government. BIGC has well-founded fundamental and professional labs, including provincial or ministerial research institute, such as the state key-lab of Printing and Packaging Material & Technology, Beijing philosophy and social science research center of publishing industry and culture, China documental center of editing and researching and periodical research center and 4 institute-level key labs: research center of digital media and art, printing machinery, printing technology and digital and informational processing. BIGC also has a wide relationship with the well-known printing and publishing factories. It has founded 89 intern and practice bases out of the institute. BIGC has a printing and publishing cultural education base which is the China Printing Museum with 4600 exhibition area and more than 26,000 displays, total value of 173,990,100 yuan of teaching and scientific equipment, 79 multimedia classrooms and 10 language teaching classrooms, 9625 seats for multimedia and language teaching classrooms, 140 seats for 100 students on average, 2668 computers for teaching, 37.82 computers for 100 students on average, 898,300 books in the library, 175,000 e-books and 116.87 books per student on average. Its running condition is in a higher status in the universities of Beijing.

BIGC now has more than 771 faculty and staff members, including 434 teachers and 168 young teachers under 35 years old, among them there are 45 professors and 148 vice professors, 193 in total, which takes 44% of the teachers. 290 of the teachers have master’s degree, which takes 67%. There are two teachers won the “BiSheng Award”, which is the highest award in China printing industry, 4 won “Morisawa Nobuo Award” which is held by the Committee of China Printing Technology and 2 leading professionals in the industry of media and publishing. There are also several outstanding teachers in BIGC, they are as follows: one was ended up to the “Tens of Thousands of Talents” project, one project sponsored by the Beijing Government for the senior experts, 6 creative teams of institution of higher learning in Beijing, 6 creative experts, 33 young and middle aged backbone teachers, 5 national excellent teachers, 10 provincial level excellent teachers of Beijing, 2 won the ‘Distinguished Teachers Award” of Beijing and 29 winners of special government allowance.

BIGC has formed various cultural patterns on campus, such as culture and art festival, science and technology festival of university students, students’ research project. There are more than 30 institute-level students committees, which provide a great area for the cultivation of students with comprehensive quality. In recent years, there are more 400 students won in the international, national or Beijing governmental competitions, for example, “Mobis International Competition of Multi-media Discs”, “The Mathematical Contest in Modeling”, “National Oral English Competition”, “Mechanical Design and Creation Competition of Capital Higher Education Institute” and so on. In order to widen the international view of the students and satisfy their demand of going abroad, BIGC set up long-term cooperation and exchange relationship with several universities and carried out some projects of students exchange and dual education, such as with Ohio University in USA, Anglia Ruskin University in UK, Bournemouth university in UK, Moscow State University of Printing Arts and Royal Institute of Technology.

In the year of great innovation of media and communication industry by the new technology and new trend of strategic adjustment of the capital social and economic development, especially the implement of the strategy of “Cultural Creation Industry”, BIGC keeps tight with the direction of economic and social development, adjustment of capital industrial structure and development of the media and communication. The institute also makes further design for the idea, orientation, characteristic, goal and emphasis of running the institute to build a communication and media university with the printing and publishing as characteristic and balanced development of engineering, art and management.

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