Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication & Study in bigc

Admission Guide

Admission requirements

1. We will accept applicants, who should be physically healthy and abide by Chinese Laws and university regulations.
2. Applicants must be in possession of a valid passport;
3. Education background and age. Applicants who apply for bachelor degree program must have high school certificate and aged between 18 and 30; applicants who apply for the master degree program must have bachelor degree and less than 35 years old.

Documents required for Application of Master Program and Bachelor Program

1. Copy of a Valid Passport;
2. A picture of passport size;
3. Highest level certificate copy;
4. Study transcripts;
5. Medical Examination;
6. Non-criminal record(within 6 months);
7. Financial support certificate from the bank with the name of applicants or his/her parents(within 6 months). It should be above 3000USD;
8. Study statement (more than 2000 words) includes study and work experience, rewards, etc.
9. Applicants should provide two recommendation letters of professors(Master program only);
10. If you hold the Chinese visa, applicants should provide copy of the visa or resident permit, transfer letter and accommodation registration.
11. Good English language proficiency for programs taught in English. For those whose native language is not English, please provide test report of English language test (e.g. TOEFL/IELTS/others)
12. Chinese Language Proficiency certificate HSK 4 for programs taught in Chinese. (Chinese taught programs are only for students who are in China right now and should live on campus since classes will be together with the Chinese students.)

How to Apply

1. All the application will be processed and replied within 10 working days after we receive it.
2. Online Application
1.1 Create your account in the Online Application System.
1.2 Upload the documents as required Documents referred in the above document list.
3. Comprehensive Evaluation
Applications submitted with all the information correct and completed will be evaluated by BIGC.
4. Interview
Students who meet the comprehensive evaluation of academic performance, language ability, supporting materials (if applicable) will have the interview on the internet.
Wait for the notice for interview information by email and inbox. We will inform the applicant who is qualified for interview the time and details.
5. Pay for Registration Fee and Deposit
Students who passed the interview need to pay for the registration fee of 600RMB and full-scholarship students need to pay for the deposit of 3000RMB for the seat. The deposit can not be refunded.
6. Admission Decision and Offer
After all the above procedures, admission will be issued by the inbox and email. Partial-Scholarship students need to pay for the tuition fee for the first year within 10 days after get the admission letter. The hard copy of admission letter and JW202 form will be made according to the policy of the government.

About Visa

Applicants need to apply for a student visa(X1) from your local Chinese Embassy with the admission letter, JW202 form and related documents required by the embassy. When applicants arrive in China, the university will assist students in acquiring their residence permits. It takes 3 weeks for student to get the residence permit after successful application. PLEASE NOTE THAT “X” VISAS EXPIRE 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY INTO CHINA. It is only a permit for him to enter the country but does not represent his legal status as a student in China. Only student Resident Permit makes his status as a student in China. Only student Residence Permit makes his status legal as an international student in China.

Since the virus situation this year, the date of issue of JW202 form is according to the policy of the government.


The registration period for the 2022 fall term intake is in September, 2022. Students shall register (online or at campus) on time according to the Admission Letter. If fail to register during the registration period, please let us know beforehand, otherwise students will forfeit automatically the opportunity to study in our University and the Admission Letter will become invalid.

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